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Culottes all the way

Culottes are fun.Not kidding.Only if you wear them right.Now that the summer is already here and the unbearable heat makes us want to ditch our jeans,these airy,loose pants look like they are here as a saviour to the (wo)mankind.
Now, they sure do look comfy as cotton clouds;but truth be told, they are a little tricky to style.Because of their flare and design,they give an illusion of midi skirts but are actually pants.And what's the number one rule of wearing flared bottoms?DO NOT wear them with loose,slouchy tops.Unless you have the fashion charisma of a pinterest fashionista.They somehow are able to pull off anything and still look drop dead gorgeous.
First of all,here's how I wore my culottes.We'll then learn a few other amazing ways other celebs and bloggers are wearing them.Check out the pictures.

So I wore my black culottes with a black tucked-in checked shirt and white sneakers.I wanted to keep the look subtle,so i accessorised with a golden neck piece and my glasses.

     These sneakers I tell you 💖😍😍

I think you can wear this outfit to a number of places.Some semi formal events to a fashion show or even if you want to meet your friends.Plus the super comfy footwear will co-operate when you are running errands.

How other fashionistas are wearing this trend

Stripes are like cheese.They go with everything.And make everything yummier.

This graphic printed top paired with culottes is my favourite look.

This is for all you boss babes.Here's a culotte outfit idea that you can wear to work.

This print on print outfit looks so amazing.

Paper bag waists are like the latest trend.Tuck in your fitted tops inside a paper bag waist culotte.

Need I say more?The picture speaks for itself.Don't crop tops look oh so perfect with culottes?Boxy or fitted, both types of crop tops complement these pants.

Off shoulders! Oh how we love them.They are just the right partners for a pair of culottes.

We Indians love our kurtis.Wear them with a pair of culottes.Or you can wear a long slit top instead of a kurti.

 That's all for today.Stay hydrated.Carry your sunblock when you step out.Gulp down lots of juices and eat a lot of fruits.Happy Summer.Until next time,




  1. Wow...... i am in love with your outfit....❤


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