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How to wear Pastels

Hi again,

Pastels are the most delicate and feminine shades.They are the most soothing hues out there.And as contrary to popular belief,they are actually very versatile.The key is to wear them right.Here's a list of few Dos and Don'ts when you are wearing pastels.

     How to wear pastels :

      • You can colour block pastels without hurting others eyes.Yay ! If you have always wondered how they wear two colourful shades and still look pleasing to the eyes,but the thought of doing the same sends shudders down your spine,fret not.Pastels are the way to go.You can pair two pastel shades for that chic feminine look.

                                                                        The Yepme Blog

      • Or wear pastel accessories with pastel outfit but in different shades.Take tips from Aayushi Bangur in this pic. 

      • Wear pastels with cute prints or floral print.Suppose you have a cute little skirt with prints in three or more colours.Choose one of the lighter shades and wear a top in the same colour.Pairing cute tiny prints like the one in the picture above is a no brainer and always looks super chic.
      • Neutralise your pastels with grey,black,white or tan if you want a more sophisticated look.Add a tan belt to cinch a pastel dress.
                                                Sydney Style

      • Give some edge to your delicate pastels with leather or denim jackets or a fitted blazer.
      • You know what's too cool for the summer?Pastel blazers.

      How not to wear pastels :

      • Most important- Do not cover yourself in the same pastel hue from head to toe.This is so not in trend and stings the eye.As for that matter,not just pastels,but any colour.Just do not overdo it.Red dress,red shoes,red purse and red lips ; Ouch ! Ouch! My eyes already hurt from picturing it.Pastels may be a little delicate but covering yourself in one would make you look like you fell into a candy machine.Instead try wearing nude/tan shoes and accessories with your pastel outfit.

      • Loud makeup and delicate pastels do not get along.Remember to keep your makeup subtle.And I do not mean you go as blank as an empty canvass.Sharp outlined eyes and bright lips make you way prettier.Just don't go wild with your imagination while doing your eyes.

      Check out some of these awesome outfits by these amazing bloggers :  


      Shop pastel outfits online :




      That's all for today folks.Stay blessed.XOXO,




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