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OOTD : Pastel Love

Hey you lovelies,
How is this year treating you so far?This week seemed like the longest one ever for me.I cannot believe the weekend is already over and it's Monday again.I really need a Sunday mid week.
Anyway, the best part of the week is already here.Let's see what I have got for you this week.

It's raining pastels people.This week we are going to talk about a lot of pretty delicate shades like baby pink and turquoise.This is an outfit post.Coming up next this week is a "how to" post where I will be giving you all the Dos and Don'ts of wearing your favourite pastels.

So this is how I wore my beige dress.Pastels are a little too feminine and casual.But that doesn't mean you cannot wear it to work.The key is to add some edge.Throw on a black blazer.But of course that does not mean you can throw on a black blazer over a tulle dress and make it office appropriate.However if you have a semi formal or opaque pastel dress/skirt,you can definitely wear it to…

Latest Designer Dupattas to Flare Your Wedding Look featuring India Rush

Do you know about the latest sassy fashion trend??? If yes, then you must be aware about the growing rage in women for adding rich bright hued dupattas in their complete ensemble. Yes, it’s highly in trend and looks simply gorgeous. If you are not in a mood of buying a brand new designer dress to embrace the befalling wedding, this is your absolute pick. Slip into a gorgeous plain lehenga or salwar suit and adorn a beautiful eye-catching dupatta over it to revamp the complete look of a garment. Mark my words that this elegant piece of weave can do wonders to your overall personality and bring you under the limelight of any wedding ceremony or occasion. Get ready to catch up with scintillating online dupattas to find out your individual style and make a statement with your fabulous looks. Be bold & beautiful like a fashion pro!!! Check out some of these fashionable and stylish dupatta types and own them with sheer elegant and style. Peep in!
Lush Silk Dupatta

This one is highly trendi…

Feminism is a mere ideology

Before you gasp with judgemental eyes or nod in agreement, hear me out..

I am a proud feminist.I have always been.So why do I think it’s a mere ideology?Why do I think feminism can’t be a reality?Why can’t we break gender stereotypes?The answer is simple.we are scared.we are all scared.Scared for ourselves,scared for our daughters,scared for all our loved ones.Because no matter how strong we make our girls there will always be ten stronger men to overpower her,to exploit her.Don’t get me wrong.Yes I want women to have more freedom.Yes I want them to break all gender roles and rule the world.But at the cost of what?Her life?Yes I want her to freely go out partying at night wearing whatever she likes or to work her ass off for that dream job.But at the risk of what?Five testosterone overcharged men sexually exploiting and murdering her in a running bus.Who can we blame then?Can candle marches bring her back?Can screaming for justice bring her back?Ask any parent.And this is exactly what …

OOTD : Black Magic

hey everyone,
How did you spend this Valentine?I am so happy its spring again.Can I please please have spring all year round?
Anyway I am back with another outfit post.I am so excited for this one.Why?Because I look pretty in this outfit 😄😄
I love Indian wear.But I don't usually wear them much.And when I do, I try to experiment.Because I don't want to make it all boring with the same kurtis and salwar/churidars.Check out how I wore my kurti today.

I recently got this ethnic black jacket with golden print.I really love it so much.Isn't it really gorgeous?You can buy it from the link at the end of this post.
So this jacket was a total show-stopper.I didn't want anything else to steal its limelight.So I wore it over a plain black kurti and black cropped jeans.Black and gold are my favourite combination.I have accessorised the whole outfit with golden accessories- a golden anklet,rings and a rose gold watch.My bright red painted nails and lipstick makes the whole outfi…

OOTD : Printed bardot maxi dress

Hey you people,
I am so glad that spring is here.This is my favourite season.The colour,the smell.Oh how I missed it.So happy winter is gone.I just could not wait for the good warm days.coming to today's outfit now.
By now you are definitely aware of my fascination for bardot/off shoulder necklines.Bohemian dresses are my other favourites.I got this pretty knee high slit maxi dress from 20 Dresses.It looks so pretty and so boho that I fell in love with it at first sight.I have accessorised this dress with a feather earring.This is so perfect for a day at the beach.Check out the pictures.

Shop the outfit : buy here
buy here
That's all folks.See you next time.XOXO, Rituparna