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Ah October! My favourite time of the year.The air is crisp, the sky looks blue, a little chill in the air (though not much), and not to mention the season of festivals.Although we Indians celebrate festivals all year around, but there's no festival like the festival of lights.Diwali is definitely my favourite of the many festivals we celebrate.Maybe because the world looks so beautiful with all those lights and decorations.Did I mention I absolutely hate the dark?

Before we get into Diwali mood,I wanted to do a casual outfit post for you people.It was bae's birthday and this is what I wore on his special day.I usually wear casual outfits.Ethnics are something that I wear only on festivals and weddings.So being more of a casuals-wearing girl, jeans are something I cannot imagine my life without.Distressed denims are my favourite kind.I have even DIYed a few of my jeans and turned them into shredded denims.The one I am wearing today is not a DIYed though.I paired my shredded je…


Hey you guys! Happy  Bijaya Dashami. Hope you had an amazing time this Navratri .Feasting on delicacies,pandal hopping and going crazy with friends and family-isn’t that what navratri is all about?It definitely is the festive time of the year.But are the festivals just about eating and spending?Or there is more to it which we often overlook?I am not going to bore you with the mythological stories behind the festivals(which we already know).But I want you to take a moment and think-aren’t we all like Devi Durga (irrespective of our gender) fighting our own demons?But are we all courageous enough like Her? Do we have faith that we can overcome our battles one day and triumph over all evil?This bijaya dashami I want you all to take inspiration from Devi Durga and re-learn these three lessons.

Courage ‘I wish I were *this*’ ‘I wish you treated me right.’ ‘I wish I were happy.’ ‘I wish it didn’t have to hurt so much.’ Wishes ! Oh how I wish it was that easy to have our wishes granted.But …