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The 90s' trend is back in fashion ladies.The choker necklaces are taking the fashion world by storm.From Rihanna to Sonam kapoor to Kendall jenner,these pretty neck-pieces have become every fashionista's current obsession.If you haven't fallen hard for these beauties yet,I suggest you do.

What exactly is a choker?
It is a closely fitted jewellery worn around the neck.You see where they came up with that name from?

A little history behind..
Worn as a fashion trend in the 90s these necklaces however have a history that dates back to the 1700s. However, I think they were worn for the first time by the hotties of the stone age(remember the tooth necklaces?)
During the French Revolution, women wore red ribbons around their necks to pay homage to those who met their death at the guillotine.
Generally worn by the ballerinas and the Royal ladies or the elites.
This is the era when the choker took its fiercest form.From grunge edgy looks to thin lace(called tattoo chokers) ones,From heavy metallics to thin delicates,the chokers were seen in all possible styles.

We Indians have a history with these necklaces since times immemorial.Be the Royals or the commoners,these necklaces in gold(or other metals) decorated the necklines of every lady.
And now they are back again to rule the fashion world;and back with a bang.

Let's take some style inspiration from the celebs.

Isn't Ariana's delicate choker a beauty?

I would totally steal Emma Stone's gorgeous piece

what do you think of Emma Watson's choker?

And here's the fashionista Kendell Jenner donning a simple yet chic one

Here's another one from Kendell

And another; this is a combination of metal and fabric

Rosie whitely shows us how to style them with shirts and look stunning

And our bollywood beauty looking so gorgeous it stings my eyes.
[All images source : google]

If you are equally mesmerised by these amazing necklaces you can buy similar ones from the links below.The selected pieces are my personal favourites.This is not a sponsored post.

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Happy spending you guys.And keep loving me.XOXO


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