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A woman can never have too many shoes .

Okay I may not be a total Carrie Bradshaw,but I am definitely a shoe girl.Oh how I wish I could have all the shoes in the world.And a closet-a shoe closet.A walk- in shoe closet to be precise.Okay okay, I wish I were Carrie Bradshaw.Aren’t we all the same?😀 But blame it on budget or how unconventional it is, this dream of ours remains a dream.Or worse we end up buying every shoe that catches our eyes or is in sale which later we discover are either way too uncomfortable or does not go with the clothes we have.

So how do we build a smart wardrobe?One that has all the basic necessities and does not make us go broke?I have a few tips for you to follow the next time you get your hands on those gorgeous stilletos you’ve been eyeing since ages.Follow these and you will not regret shoe shopping ever.

•Remember to always buy shoes from a store.Avoid online shopping.Or if you really like something online, know your exact size and make sure they have eas…


If you were to name the most essential item of all the wardrobe essentials, it has to be the LBD i.e. the little black dress.Why is that?Think about it-

•You have a first date and you are already running late.Which clothing item will you trust that will help you get dressed in 15 minutes and also make his jaws drop?the LBD.

•You have a formal party to attend.Which dress are you gonna pick?the LBD or maybe a black gown.

•It’s the day to meet his folks.You really want them to like you.What will be your go to choice?The LBD.Or maybe a kurti if his parents are too conservative.

•Its your first day at work.You do not know the dress code they follow.What will you wear?A LBD perhaps(with a blazer)?Or maybe a black pencil skirt.

You see what I mean?Unless it is your wedding,you can wear the LBD whenever and wherever you want.You can dress up or dress down with a LBD as the need arises.It deserves to be the one piece of your wardrobe you cannot do without.

You must already know that black is …


So you are not particularly smitten by the latest trends that keep on changing twice a year? Or maybe classy is your style? Whatever be the reason, I suppose if you are reading this post you are more interested in looking polished and sophisticated. Well the good news is that classy never goes out of fashion. I mean NEVER. After the next fashion week? NOPE. After this season? NOPE. After you turn 40? NEVER. If classy and sophisticated is your personal style, it is going to stick with you forever(not unless you want to change it).

So how do we look sophisticated? Do we have to spend a bomb on clothes and accessories to look expensive? Do we have to look boring? Do we need to ditch the latest trends forever? The answer to all these questions is one big NO. So how exactly do we transform our wardrobe in order to look classy but also follow the latest trends without making a big hole in our pockets. Read on..

P.S. The points below are equally relevant to men and women.
First of all make s…


Do you cringe at the thought of wearing flounce? Would you rather wear a crisp button down than a ruffled blouse to work?Do you think frills make you look like a toddler?Well this post might be a little help in overcoming your fears related to anything frilly.

Ruffles : A description
Frills,ruffles and flounce are strips of fabric attached to a garment which are tightly stitched at one end and the other end is left loose so that it creates a wavy frilly look.

Why wear ruffles?
Because they are feminine and sexy.And no,they do not make you look like a little girl if you know how to style them right(which is exactly why I wrote this article).And not to mention how huge they are on trend this year.

DOs and DONTs of wearing ruffles
One thing to keep in mind about ruffles is that they add a lot of volume.You definitely don’t wanna look bigger in the areas where you are already generously blessed.So if you have bigger bosom avoid frilled tops.Similarly,if you are wider on the hips,try not…