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Culottes all the way

Culottes are fun.Not kidding.Only if you wear them right.Now that the summer is already here and the unbearable heat makes us want to ditch our jeans,these airy,loose pants look like they are here as a saviour to the (wo)mankind.
Now, they sure do look comfy as cotton clouds;but truth be told, they are a little tricky to style.Because of their flare and design,they give an illusion of midi skirts but are actually pants.And what's the number one rule of wearing flared bottoms?DO NOT wear them with loose,slouchy tops.Unless you have the fashion charisma of a pinterest fashionista.They somehow are able to pull off anything and still look drop dead gorgeous.
First of all,here's how I wore my culottes.We'll then learn a few other amazing ways other celebs and bloggers are wearing them.Check out the pictures.

So I wore my black culottes with a black tucked-in checked shirt and white sneakers.I wanted to keep the look subtle,so i accessorised with a golden neck piece and my glas…
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Slip Dress : wear it like the 'It' girls do

What's not to love in a slip dress? They are feminine.They are delicate.And boy! are they sexy.The only problem?They are not college/work appropriate.Or are they? *wink wink*
Fashionistas all around the globe are giving us major fashion inspiration these days by wearing their slip dresses over a tee.Go through instagram/pinterest and your feed will be flooded with this trend.I say, the boss is always right.I took inspiration from this trend and paired my black slip dress with a white tee(the classic) and this is how it turned out.

 I wore my black dress over a white tee.You can also wear it over a striped one.

I experimented a little with the look by wrapping a plaid shirt around my waist.You can also tie a chambray shirt.Let it stand out from the base colours (white and black).

 Looks like we are not getting over the chokers anytime soon,are we?

 White sneakers are another huge trend taking over the fashion world at present.You will see them everywhere;with jeans,with shorts,wi…

How to wear Pastels

Hi again,Pastels are the most delicate and feminine shades.They are the most soothing hues out there.And as contrary to popular belief,they are actually very versatile.The key is to wear them right.Here's a list of few Dos and Don'ts when you are wearing pastels.  How to wear pastels :You can colour block pastels without hurting others eyes.Yay ! If you have always wondered how they wear two colourful shades and still look pleasing to the eyes,but the thought of doing the same sends shudders down your spine,fret not.Pastels are the way to go.You can pair two pastel shades for that chic feminine look.
The Yepme Blog Or wear pastel accessories with pastel outfit but in different shades.Take tips from Aayushi Bangur in this pic. Style Drive
Wear pastels with cute prints or floral print.Suppose you have a cute little skirt with prints in three or more colours.Choose one of the lighter shades and wear a top in the same colour.Pairing cute tiny prints like the one in the picture above …